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How to improve the throughput of web applications

The optimization method listed in this blog post is aimed at comparing traditional projects , but wants to improve the throughput of the system. Now the fashionable technology is still not separated from the front and back ends. Use nginx as a static resource server to proxy our static resources. Who restricted the Throughput? When we stress test a traditional project, the container found that the system's Throughput was limited by the database (mysql), although the code does not seem to be wrong, the logic is not wrong, but too many requests...

Top 10 open source Dashboard for your web application on GitHub

Top 10 open source Dashboard for your web application on GitHub

Serveo:Replace Ngrok, one command to expose your PC to internet

Serveo:Replace Ngrok, one command to expose your PC to internet

Two ways of using Wireshark decrypt HTTPS traffic

principle Let's review the entire handshake process for SSL/TLS: Clienthello: Sends the client's functions and preferences to the server. After the connection is established, it will be sent when you want to renegotiate or respond to the server's renegotiation request. Version: the best protocol version supported by the client Random: A total of 32 bytes, 28 bytes of random number, 4 bytes of extra information, affected by the client clock (to avoid browser fingerprint acquisition, now generally will be distorted by the 4-byte c...

how to install multiple versions of node

how to install multiple versions of node at the same time

Fiddler interface test

Fiddler interface test

Session consistency solution

Session consistency solution collection

HTTPS man-in-the-middle attack practice (principle·practice)

I have seen the introduction of HTTPS very early, and I have learned about the details of TLS. I also believe that using HTTPS is relatively safe and reliable. Until the previous time when verifying the https proxy channel connection, I found out that the fact is not what I thought. Because some application developers ignore the verification of certificates or improperly handle illegal certificates, our web sessions are almost exposed to attackers.
The following will show you the MITM attacks on two common applications on the IOS system to obtain or tamper with user data.

Use FreeHttp to tamper with http messages (using · implementation)

FreeHttp is a Fiddler plugin. With FreeHttp you can modify the request or response message according to your own settings, which is very useful for testing and debugging.

Reactive Programming in Java-Reactive Streams JVM

Reactive Programming in Java