First, Core basics

  • Microsoft Chinese official website:
  • Microsoft English official website:
  • .NET Core:
  • GitHub:
  • Build Modern Web Applications with ASP.NET Kernel and Azure:
  • Blog garden translation document:
  • MSDN:
  • .NET Core Open Source Summit:
  • Artech: blog
  • Zhang Shanyou Blog: (Microsoft MVP)
  • Lao Zhang’s philosophy:
  • Zhang Feihong’s blog:
  • Ants blog:
  • Code Farming Life Blog:
  • edison zhou blog:
  • Catcher Wong Blog:
  • Ken.W Expo:
  • Savorboard:微软MVP)
  • Shengjie blog-.Net Core know how much series:
  • .NET Core Util:
  • .NET Core Community GitHub:

Second, Linux

  • geffzhang:
  • staro: blog
  • Brother’s private dish:
  • Bird Brother Private House Traditional Chinese Version:

Containerized Docker

  • Probably the most clear article about the concept of Docker:
  • Docker English Community:
  • Docker Chinese community:
  • Docker Chinese documentation:
  • Docker Chinese documentation:
  • YAML syntax introduction:
  • K8S Chinese Community:
  • K8S English Community:
  • Portainer
  • Manage docker through ui:
  • sparkdev personal blog:
  • Microsoft’s Docker blog:
  • Official docker blog:

Fourth, microservices

  Registration center

  •  API Gateway Ocelot official website: A British-initiated project
  •  Ocelot在GitHub:
  • Service discovery and configuration management: (similar to ZooKeeper)
  • Consul: https: //
  • spring cloud:
  • spring cloud.github:

  Service architecture

  • OAuth2 and JWT source short book:
  • Surging distributed microservice framework:
  • Understanding OAuth 2.0 <:> Must read by Ruan Yifeng
  • Tarsnet: High-performance RPC development framework based on the Tars protocol:
  • Microsoft’s official open source microservices framework eShopOnContainers:
  • service-fabri:
  • IdentityServer4: http: //
  • IdentityServer4源码:ttps://
  • Implementation of pure OAuth2 authorization code mode:
  • 理解OAuth 2.0:
  • NanoFabric Zhang Shangyou’s personal open source framework:
  • IdentityServerIdentityServer4.Contrib.RedisStore
  • Microsoft Distributed Cloud Computing Framework Orleans:
  • Orleans can use Ocelot Api Gateway:

  Service monitoring

  • skywalking: APM monitoring solution that can be used for production: Performance Management)
  • Apache SkyWalking brings out-of-the-box distributed tracking and application performance monitoring to .NET Core:
  • Microservice APM:
  • App Metrics:
  • Polly:

  Service governance and other

  • Service fusing:
  • Rebus is a free .NET “service bus” :ttps://
  • GRPC-based HTTP / 2 RPC Streaming Framework for .NET, .NET Core, and Unity:
  • .NET API client for vault:
  • Use vault key vault configuration to provide: for the program
  • Additional configuration providers to use with ASP.NET Core:
  • Quartz Enterprise Scheduler .NET:
  • Apollo (Apollo) is a distributed configuration center developed by the Ctrip framework department:
  • With Audit.NET, you can generate tracking information about what is happening:
  • Distributed, high-performance, event-sourced, event-driven, eventual consistency framework:
  • Service communication component based on Dotnet Core designed to run under linux and windows:


.NET Microservices by Microsoft Development:

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