Elementary OS 5 was officially released last October. The development team stated that this version not only provides a more refined user experience, but also strives to make elementary OS a better productivity tool. After more than a year, elementary OS 5.1 “Hera” has finally arrived.

The elementary OS team is accustomed to using the names of mythical characters or deities as version codes, as is Hera. Hera in ancient Greek means “noble lady”, “hostess”, “noble woman”, it is considered the queen of the Greek gods, representing women, marriage, family and childbirth. Hera corresponds to Juno in Roman mythology, which is the god of the queen, marriage and motherhood in Roman mythology.


Hera builds on Juno’s solid foundation with the following major updates:

  1. New first-time experience, including new welcome interface and new user-guided process
  2. Flatpak already supports Sideload and AppCenter
  3. Major updates on accessibility and system settings
  4. Iterative improvements for almost all applications
  5. Latest hardware support, including new Linux kernel and hardware support stack

New first run experience

This update greatly improves the user’s first-time experience. The newly designed login and lock screen interface looks clearer and better, and fixes many problems reported by users in the old version, including focus and HiDPI issues. It also provides better localization.


The new version of the welcome interface displays the usernames of all users, presents each account as a card, and uses the user’s wallpaper as the background for each card. There is also an improved user guidance process.


AppCenter, Sideload, and Flatpak

Flatpak is an open source technology that allows developers to publish applications to different desktops in a more secure and respectful way for users’ privacy. As a truly mature technology, elementary OS has introduced Flatpak into its own AppCenter ecosystem to make it easier for users to obtain applications.


elementary OS has added a new system application called Sideload to make it easier to get applications in Flatpak.


The team introduced that AppCenter in Hera is 10 times faster than the previous version, and users should feel the fast loading speed. It also improves application performance and allows more tasks to be performed in parallel, reducing memory usage.

elementary Code


In the elementary OS Hera version, the code editor most relevant to developers has also been updated. This version provides more discoverable keyboard shortcuts, restores line feed settings, and a new “Change Branch” feature for git projects. . Of course there are performance improvements and bug fixes.


The new version has also made small improvements to the terminal. Pressing the Menu key on some keyboards now opens a context menu. In addition, the dark style contrast has been improved, and more convenient shortcuts have been provided between text and application operations.


Please refer to the announcement for detailed updates.

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