An awesome offline documentation browser for software developers with 194 docsets.

1, this superb software is updated in real time, with their own kind of programming language, that can be downloaded, after you can download offline viewing .
2, this software is based on Qt5 design, full open source, can be used on Linux, MacOS and Windows.
3, the official website download address:
4, the use of methods and various editor plug-ins:

Download Docsets

After installing Zeal go to ToolsDocsets to browse and download docsets.

Search Filters

You can limit search results to a specific (or a set of specific) docsets.

The docset filter and the search query are delimited by a colon character (:).


  • string will search all docsets for string
  • python:string will search only docsets related to Python for string

IDE Plugins


An Atom package is available at


There is a Brackets integration available at


There is an Emacs package available at

IntelliJ IDEA

There is an IDEA plugin available at

KTextEditor (Kate, KWrite, KDevelop, Kile, etc)

A plugin for KTextEditor-based editors is available at

Sublime Text

There is a Sublime Text 2/3 package available at


There is a Vim plugin available at

Or you can use with something like this in .vimrc:

let g:investigate_command_for_python = '/usr/bin/zeal ^s'

A simpler way to integrate with Vim is a simple mapping, like

:nnoremap gz :!zeal "<cword>"&<CR><CR>

Visual Studio Code

There is a VSCode plugin available at

Such as  installed Qt5, OpenCV, HTML, C, Arduino, etc. here:

For example, look at printf:

After going in, the function usage will be explained in detail and examples:

Taking C as an example, the corresponding sections of the C11, C99 and C89 specifications are also given:

And provide plugins for VIM, Sublime Text, VSCode, etc.:

The plugin allows you to directly view the syntax of the content you don’t know (GIF effect)

For the first time, click here to install it, you need to install that.