1.Q-Dir: File management, multiple windows overlay.

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2.Clover: file management.

And Q-Dir similar, are managing folders. The difference is that Clover can open multiple folders in the same window. It is my personal choice.

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3.Listary: File search.

Listary is a revolutionary search tool.
With Listary, you no longer have to go through the tedious process of browsing folders, finding the correct file name, and searching in a limited menu.

You can use keywords to quickly search for files you want, open specific web pages, and quickly start applications. There are too many functions, so I wo n’t go into details here. If you are interested, you can explore by yourself.

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4.Everything: File search.

Everything and Listary similar, is a search tool.
It is an independent search software, which is very powerful. Listary positioning is an assisted retrieval tool, and there is not much difference between the two in terms of retrieval performance.

Advantages: fast file indexing, small size, clean and concise user interface, support for regular expressions.

Compared with Listary, each has its own advantages and measures its own choices.

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5.PotPlayer: Watch movie artifact.

PotPlayer is a very good player with a simple interface, small installation package, no ads, fast startup, low power consumption, and strong decoding capabilities.

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6.Bandicam: Screen Recording Artifact.

What can I do with Bandicam ?

  • Record computer screen: computer desktop, explorer, Internet browser, Google Chrome, Firefox, etc.
  • Game video: Crossing the line of fire, World of Warcraft, Dungeon and Warriors, QQ Speeding Cars, Jedi Survival, Life Summon OL, etc.
  • Website pages: Baidu, Weibo, Yahoo, various blogs, community websites, etc.
  • Video Websites: Tencent Video, Youku Video, Live Video, Video Interactive Website, etc.
  • Windows applications: PPT (PowerPoint), PS (Photoshop), Excel, QQ video chat, camera, etc.
  • Video player software: Thunder Video, Baidu Video, Windows Media Player, iTunes, etc.

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7.Snipaste: Screen capture artifact.

Snipaste is a simple and powerful screenshot creator , and you can also pin screenshots to the screen.

The best screenshot tool in the world! Who is who knows!

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Here is a screenshot fixed on the screen official website screenshot :


8.ScreenToGif: GIF Maker

Screen, camera and whiteboard video recorder with integrated editor, you can not only make GIF, but also video by recording.

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9.ReNamer: Batch Rename Tool

Simple and powerful batch rename tool.

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10.Image Tuner: image batch processing tool

Simple and powerful image batch processing tool.
Batch resize, add watermarks, convert formats, and more.

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11.WGestures: global mouse gestures

A simpler and more modern mouse gesture. Free & Open Source.
Stop wasting time on trivial operations! WGestures lets users skip trivial details and focus on what matters.

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12.PandaOCR: Multifunctional OCR recognition + translation + reading aloud + popup

  • Support identification engine: Sogou OCR / API + Tencent OCR / API + Baidu OCR / API + Youdao OCR / API + Jingdong OCR
  • Support Translation Engine: Sogou Translation / API + Tencent Translation / API + Baidu Translation / API + Youdao Translation / API + Google Translation + Wordmaster Translation
  • Support reading engine: Sogou reading + Tencent reading + Baidu reading + Bing reading + Xunfei reading + Google reading + Jingdong reading
  • Support shortcut keys and screen corners to trigger screenshot recognition, convenient and fast
  • Supports capturing and identifying fixed areas, such as helping to translate words in English games / software or teammate chats
  • Support the right pop-up window to display information for quick and easy viewing of identification / translation content
  • Support intelligent merge correction to identify / translate text, make layout more reasonable
  • Supports setting up to ten fixed screenshot rules, making one-click recognition more convenient and quick
  • Support monitor image and text copy operation, quickly identify image text or translate copied text
  • Support simple window localization function, help to translate English language software interface text
    There are many strange functions not listed in the program interface, you can edit the CONFIG.INI file in the program directory

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13.Cencrack: online toolkit

Collection of various very useful gadgets, small size and comprehensive functions. Maybe some of the above software is also included in this collection.

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Website category:


2. Online automatic cutout

Website link



3. Graphing Calculator-GeoGebra

Input the function to draw the corresponding graph.

Website link



4. Edit pictures online

All tools for online batch editing of pictures

Website link



5.PDF, World, Excel various tools

PDF, World, Excel conversion, compression and more.

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6. Generate application icons / launch maps of all sizes with one click

Generate application icons / launch maps of all sizes with one click. android, ios, etc.

Website link



7. Edit audio files online

Cut, fade in and fade out effects, convert formats, make ringtones and more

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8.Illustration, make charts online

Baidu’s conscience products, simple and fast charting, supports multiple types of charts.

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9.Bigjpg: Non-destructive enlargement of AI artificial intelligence pictures

Use the latest artificial intelligence deep learning technology-Deep Convolutional Neural Networks (based on waifu2x). It will complement the noise and jagged parts to achieve lossless enlargement of the picture.

Website link



10.tinypng: lossless compressed picture

Losslessly compress pictures with compression ratios of over 70%! And it will not be distorted, it looks the same as the original image!
And you can also use the script to call the API to compress the images to compress multiple images with one click. The
tutorial can be found here.


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