There is a rumor: there are three kinds of programs in the world, one is to use Emacs, the other is to use Vim, the other is to use other editors. Well, the power of Vim and emacs does not need me to speak here. Now, a lot of online search.

Because the learning curve of vim and emacs is steep, as a third programmer, let’s take a look at some of the current mainstream editors that are easy to use!


Sublime official website

Function overview:

The official summary of sublime:

Sublime Text is a sophisticated text editor for code, markup and prose.

You’ll love the slick user interface, extraordinary features and amazing performance.

Sublime Text is a code editor (Sublime Text 2 (the latest version of sublime text 3) is a paid software, but can be tried indefinitely, but will occasionally pop up a payment reminder), also an advanced text editor for HTML and prose. Sublime Text Developed by programmer Jon Skinner in January 2008, it was originally designed as a Vim with rich extensions.

Sublime Text has a beautiful user interface and powerful features such as code thumbnails, Python plugins, code snippets, etc. Customizable key bindings, menus and toolbars. The main features of Sublime Text include: spell checking, bookmarks, Complete Python API, Goto functionality, instant project switching, multiple selections, multiple windows, etc. Sublime Text is a cross-platform editor that supports Windows, Linux, Mac OS X and other operating systems.

Some prominent and attractive features can be read directly from the official introduction. I won’t go into details here.

Plugin installation

1. Install Package Control

Press Ctrl+` to bring up the console.

Paste the installation code to the bottom command line and press Enter. (Refer to Package Control official website for details. )

Restart Sublime Text.

If you see the package control item in the Perferences->package settings, the installation is successful.

You can also go to the official website link (see extended reading) to download Package Control.sublime-package to the installed package folder in the data in the sublime installation directory.

2. Install other plugins with Package Control

Press Ctrl+Shift+P to bring up the command panel

Enter install to bring up the Install Package option and press Enter, then select the plugin to install in the list.

The main advantage

1. Mainstream front-end development editor

2. Small size and fast running speed

3. Powerful text

4. Support compile function and can see the output in the console

5. Embedded Python interpreter supports plugin development for scalable purposes

6.Package Control: A large number of plug-ins supported by ST can be managed through it

Main disadvantage

1. Charges are closed, although the problem of charging does not affect the use, but the problem brought by Biyuan is that a bug has not been repaired for thousands of years. It affects the use.

2. Although the startup is fast, but you try to open xcode and run the project while using sublime, you know what is crashing, enter a line of code, half a day response (this problem only exists in sublime text3).

3. Although there is a Package Control management plugin, when you install the search plugin, you can only see a simple one-word description, and the subsequent plug-in configuration is not convenient.

4. When the plugin is more, sublime will crash from time to time, the user can not clearly know which plugin is caused. Only one can uninstall, judge.

5. Many plugins are not compatible with sublime text 3 and sublime text 2, and many useful plugins for sublime text 2 cannot be used on sublime text 3.

6. Have to vomit sublime text 2 There is no problem with creating a new window. To open different projects at the same time, you know how inconvenient this is.

7. Also vomit a sublime text very unhappy project function, ctrl+command+p can only switch the recently opened project, even if you save for sublime project, as long as it has not been opened recently, this shortcut can not be switched.


Vscode official website

A lot of cool features can check out the official blog of vscode

Vscode blog

Function overview:

Vscode is also a cross-platform text editor with built-in support for JavaScript, TypeScript and Node.js, C++, C#, Python, PHP, etc. For details, please refer to its official website documentation vs doc

Because vscode is quite detailed in both the official document and the demo video (after all, the Microsoft Empire is not a slap in the face), the specific functions are waiting for you to explore.

Plugin installation

Vscode update to the current location, built-in plug-in installation function, there is a plug-in center button on the right side of the editor, you can easily install, upgrade, uninstall plug-ins, you can also find the plug-in vscode plug-in store for you in the vscode plug-in store . Compared to sublime, the plug-in management of vscode is very convenient, and the number of plug-ins is quite impressive. The ecosystem is becoming more mature, and that is, after all, people are Microsoft empire.

The main advantage

1. Good-looking, killing notepad++ in minutes, directly removing notepad++

2. Load large files almost seconds, try to open 100M project, no pressure

3.C# support highlighting, compiled support also supports reference

4.JS, HTML, etc. support highlighting and completion

5. Full platform

6. Free, this is a must

7. Low memory usage

8. Based on atom, but performance second speed atom

Main disadvantage

1. Not stable enough, often crashes, if it doesn’t crash often, absolutely only use it.

2. The plugin is not perfect, but it is developing very fast.

3.debug is not flexible enough

4. Support for C# is not good enough

5. Does not support project loading, only supports folder loading, and supports relatively large engineering projects with low support.


Atom official website

For a lot of cool features and quick start, please go to the official to explore.

Function overview:

The Atom code editor supports Windows, Mac, and Linux. It is completely free and has all the source code open on GitHub. After a long period of iterative development and continuous improvement, Atom official version is stable and stable. There are significant improvements in sexuality.

The development team called Atom a “configurable editor for the 21st century,” with a very sophisticated interface and rich configurable items, plus a package control similar to SublimeText. Function, more importantly, the atom’s package management tool visualizes the configuration of the plugin, as well as the help of the plugin and the address of the corresponding github. This greatly facilitates the developer to make Atom a truly suitable development tool.

As a modern code editor, Atom has features that are popular in a variety of popular editors, and is very rich in functionality, supporting code highlighting in various programming languages ​​(HTML / CSS / Javascript / PHP / Python / C / C++ / Objective C / Java / JSON / Perl / CoffeeScript / Go / Sass / YAML / Markdown and so on), compared to most other editors, Atom’s language support is already very comprehensive coverage. In addition, its code completion function ( Also known as Snippets) is also very easy to use, you only need to enter a few characters to expand into a variety of commonly used code, which can greatly improve programming efficiency.

Plugin installation

Atom has a very interactive GUI plugin management center, where users can easily search, install, upgrade, uninstall, and configure plugins.

The main advantage

1. The development and maintenance team is powerful and open source project, so the bug is fast and the ecosystem grows fast.

2. The shortcut key support is particularly good, and you can increase the generation efficiency by tens of tons after familiarizing yourself with various shortcut keys.

3. It is relatively stable and rarely collapses.

4. Plug-in management is in place, can accurately locate the problem plug-in.

5. The development of the plug-in ecosystem is extremely fast, and a lot of useful plug-ins are waiting for users to explore.

Main disadvantage

1. Performance problems, the startup speed is very slow

2. Open large files, there will be problems with cpu usage being too high.

3. Currently compared to the sublime technology level is not mature enough, there are many bugs

to sum up:

These three editors have their own strengths and each have their own shortcomings. For different developers, you may need to choose according to your own preferences, but fortunately, the three editors are used in much the same way . Basically , the three editors are basically the same . Can be painlessly migrated to any editor.

From the perspective of long-term development, Atom and vscode are open source projects promoted by the two giants. The power of open source is huge (open source Dafa is good!!!), so its development speed is destined to be far more than sublime, maybe not long after I can completely abandon sublime.