With the google translate api charge, the small partners who have translation needs are finding another way to do their works.

A translation api is popular on the Internet, and you don’t need to get a google token to call it in get mode. But everyone knows that the maximum request for get is only 2048 characters, far from meeting the needs of the small partners. Is there any other way?

After multiple searches, I found an open source project with free api. Not only support text translation, but also web translation, perfect solution to the needs of small partners. The calling method is also super simple, not to mention the code directly. . .

Const translate = require(‘translate-api’);

Let transUrl = ‘https://nodejs.org/en/’;

Let transText = ‘hello world!’;
translate.getText(transText,{to: ‘zh-CN’}).then(function(text){
Is not so easy!

Project address: https://github.com/yixianle/google-translate

Online demo: http://translate.hotcn.top/

The project uses koa2+react
Since google translate api is a fee, the translation module uses my other project translate-api
Based on crawler technology Grab google translation, realizing text translation and web page translation.


Tips:This API interface can only meet your small amount of translation needs, the official software requirements still use the official google translation interface, the price is not so expensive!