Requirements: There are currently two SVN repository instances a and b, each with independent administrative privileges. For administrative convenience, the configuration management department needs to merge the two repository instances into one repository instance c.

Implementation ideas:

1, just want to be simple, plan to directly check out a certain repository, and then submit to the new repository is not OK.

2, can only be re-exported.

Solution: The first method is simple, but there are many problems, such as log information will be lost.

The second method is more complicated but safe and reliable.

Implementation steps:

1, create a repository c, create a, b folder in the root directory.

2, export the repository a

/usr/local/subversion/bin/svnadmin dump /opt/svndata/a > /root/svn_a

3, export the repository b

/usr/local/subversion/bin/svnadmin dump /opt/svndata/ b > /root/svn_b

4, import version a, b

/usr/local/subversion/bin/svnadmin load /opt/svndata/c –parent-dir a < /root/svn_a

/usr/local/subversion/bin/ svnadmin load / opt / svndata / c –parent-dir b </ root / svn_b

NOTE: the parameter “–parent-dir” is specifically designated repository path c, where selecting a first level directory a, b. to So far, the repository has been merged.