This online resource contains almost everything about artificial intelligence, including AI cheat sheets (100+), free online books, courses, videos and lectures, papers, tutorials, researchers, websites, datasets, Meetings, frameworks, tools, and more.

First put its GitHub address:

The project is authored by Niraj Lunavat from India , specializing in artificial intelligence, machine learning, deep learning, Python.

Let’s take a look at the highlights of this online AI resource.

First of all, from the overall file, the resources are very rich, including algorithms, big data, data science, deep learning, Excel, Git, AI mathematics, neural networks, Matlab, Python and so on. Basically covers all the resources and related materials of AI.

Quick lookup table

This online resource contains a 100+ quick reference table, which is classified as follows:


The advantage of the quick lookup table is to refine the knowledge points for easy access. For example, some basic knowledge and concepts of AI are summarized very well!



2. Free online books


Among them, there is a deep introductory classic tutorial “Neural Networks and Deep Learning” that I really like, by Michael Nielsen.

3. Course


4. Video and courseware


5. Thesis


6. Tutorial


7. Website


8. Data set


9. Meeting


10. Framework


11. Tools

In addition to the 11 points described above, there is a lot more to it. Every piece of content is very rich. I hope to help everyone!

Finally, attach the address of the online resource: