As one of the representatives of users who open super-multi-window tabs, I have a strong tab management plug-in requirement.The usual job is to organize the use of various software and troubleshooting. Every time you open a tab, you can find the treasure, and you are reluctant to close.However, everyone on the planet knows that the increasing number of tabs will seriously lead to insufficient chrome memory. Computers often get stuck. Chrome often hangs inexplicably. The buttons on the tabs are getting smaller and smaller, and the page titles are almost invisible. Labels are getting harder and harder, and the most painful ones may turn off the page you are using.So on behalf of everyone, I found several tabs to manage the chrome plugin and hope to bring you good news.

Chrome tab management plugin


: Saves memory space for webpage tags to save tabsthat are open but not empty to the background list, saving valuable “expensive” memory resources, up to 95% depending on Chrome’s memory consumption. The savings, in view of the current high memory prices, also helped you save a lot.Each time you click on the OneTab icon in the extension bar, all the tabs of the current window are bookmarked (the fixed tabs are ignored by default, optional settings), and these tabs are closed and displayed in the list.OneTab is a light extension, very easy to use, and the features are very intimate.Top_9_chrome_tab_management_plugins_for_multi-label_2.jpg
2.The Great Suspender

: Temporarily suspends the browser tab to save resourcesThe Great Suspender is a multi-tab management application under Chrome that temporarily disables unused tabs and saves system resources.It can be recovered when you need it. It is a gospel for multi-tag lovers. The Great Suspender automatically freezes unused tabs after installation. By default, pages that have not been read for 1 hour will be sealed, and the unused tabs will be temporarily frozen.Very good, it can automatically suspend the label, can release some computer resources, but it can not solve the pain caused by the smaller and smaller label buttons.Top_9_chrome_tab_management_plugins_for_multi-label_3.jpg



: Manage your tab pagesUnlike other tab management plugins, Toby will change the new tabs so that all tab management work is done in the new tabs.Every time you open a new tab, you can see Toby and all the tabs.In Toby, we can create a list according to our own preferences, and then put the tabs in different lists to achieve the purpose of managing tabs in different categories.I have built lists of “front-end tools”, “PM”, “Lisp”, “writing materials”, etc. Each list has a lot of similar tabs.This is a tool that can close and bookmark multiple tabs that are currently open, and can manage the collection of tabs.It is a heavier extension.Top_9_chrome_tab_management_plugins_for_multi-label_4.png


4.Tabman Tabs Manager

: Multi-tab fast switchingTab Snooze is a magical tab plugin that can be turned off when users don’t need tabs, magically open automatically when needed, and installed Tab in Chrome After the Snooze plugin, the user can focus on the tabs currently being viewed, and for other unwanted tabs, can be temporarily closed and set a time to automatically open the next time.Top_9_chrome_tab_management_plugins_for_multi-label_5.png


5.TooManyTabs for Chrome

: Multi-tab managementTooManyTabs for Chrome In addition to providing visual thumbnails to display all the pages that have been opened, there are also beautiful switching pages to display these pagination and icons, just click on it. The map will quickly switch to the page you are looking for.If some of the pagination is not available for a while, you can also hide it by clicking the arrow in the upper right corner of the thumbnail.Of course, search and filtering are also available. You can also sort by title alphabetical order, domain name or open time to quickly find the webpage you want to open.However, the TooManyTabs operation window is too small to be awkward to use.Top_9_chrome_tab_management_plugins_for_multi-label_6.jpg


6.Tab Manager

: Chrome Tag Management PluginTab Manager is apluginthat helps users manage tabs in Chrome. After installing the Tab Manager plugin in Google Chrome, users can also use Tab when opening multiple tabs. The Manager plugin quickly finds the website you want.After opening multiple tabs with Chrome, due to the limited space in Chrome’s title bar, each Chrome’s tabs become smaller and smaller, making it difficult for users to distinguish each page by the title in the tab. What does a tab page do, and the Tab Manager plugin allows users to reopen a pop-up window and identify the website they need through the tab’s website icon!Top_9_chrome_tab_management_plugins_for_multi-label_7.jpg


7.Tab Snooze

: Read the tab management plug-in later. TheTab Snooze tab management plug-in function can be turned off when the user doesn’t need the tab, and magically open automatically when needed, so that the user can focus on the current Browse tabs, for other unwanted tabs, can be temporarily turned off and set a time to automatically open the next time.This will enable us to read the features we will read later.Tab Snooze is just a tab management feature that doesn’t save memory.Top_9_chrome_tab_management_plugins_for_multi-label_8.png



: The intuitive tag management pluginSpaces may change your habits. The left side of the interface lists the window that is open and the window that has been closed. Click on any window and all the tabs of the window will be listed on the right.Spaces development space to help users tend to open too many tags in the Chrome window.It encourages you to move tags that are not closely related to a different, more appropriate space to remove them from the current window.This allows your Chrome session to be managed – both visually and from a memory perspective.Top_9_chrome_tab_management_plugins_for_multi-label_9.png

9.Tab Hibernation

: Make chrome tabs hibernate to save memoryTab Hibernation is a Google Chrome chrome extension, as its name suggests its main function is to temporarily sleep unused pages!Like Xiaobian, Chrome has multiple windows and dozens of tabs all year round. Many pages have thought about being free to watch, but there is no time to look at it!We only use Chrome’s tabbed single-process design, so when we use Chrome to open multiple tabs at the same time to browse the web, the system memory footprint will be greatly increased.Tags that are open but not used at the moment actually take up a lot of memory.This is the problem that people often complain about the excessive memory usage of Chrome.Tab Hibernation is one of the extensions specifically designed to reduce Chrome’s memory footprint.Top_9_chrome_tab_management_plugins_for_multi-label_10.jpg
Tab hibernationThe above nine chrome tab management plugins hope to help you and me with the help of opening multiple tabs.