The error message format is: Run-time error nnn at xxxx; where nnn is the error number at runtime; xxxx is the error address at runtime.
   Numbering Description
I / O error: (numbers 100-149)
100 Disk read error when you want to read beyond the end of the format file
101 Disk write error, if the disk is full, it is reported by CloseFile, Write, Writeln or Flush
102 No file is specified.If the file variable is not assigned by Assign or AssignFile, it is reported by Reset, Rewrite, Append, Rename, and Erase.
103 The file is not opened. If the file is not opened, it is reported by CloseFile, Read, Write, Seek, Eof, FilePos, FileSize, Flush, BlockRead or BlockWrite.
104 The input file is not open and the text about the input is reported by Read, Readln, Eof, Eoln, SeekEof or SeekEoln
105 The output file is not opened and reports by Write and Writeln that the text file was not generated with the Console application
106 Invalid data format, incorrect data format read from text file reported by Read or Readln
Fatal error: (number 200-255)
200 Divide by zero
201 Range check error
202 Stack overflow
203 Stack overflow error
204 Invalid pointer operation
205 Floating point overflow
206 Floating point underflow
207 Invalid floating point operation
215 Arithmetic overflow error
216 Access illegal
217 Control-C
218 Authorization instruction
219 Invalid TYPECAST
220 Invalid variant TYPECAST
221 Invalid variant operation
222 No variant method calls DISPATCHER
223 Cannot create variant array
224 Variant does not contain array
225 Variation array boundary error
226 TLS initialization error
Operating system error
1899L Cannot generate endpoint mapping database
1752L Cannot perform operation
1751L Entry point is illegal
1753L No more endpoints available in endpoint mapping
5L Access illegal
1331L Account is currently unavailable, so cannot log in
1793L User account expired
1327L The username is valid, but some restrictions cannot identify the user
57L Network adapter hardware error
1379L The specified alias already exists
1344L Not enough memory blocks allocated for update
85L Local device name is already in use
183L Attempt to create an existing file
1074L The system is currently running with the latest and greatest configuration
7L Storage control block is corrupted
534L Operation result exceeds 32 bits
174L File system does not support atomic changes of lock type
199L The operating system cannot run this program
160L Incorrect parameter string passed to DosExecPgm
22L Command not recognized by the device
1361L The security descriptor is not in the required format
66L Incorrect network resource type
1200L The specified device name is invalid
119L The system does not support the requested command
10L Environment is incorrect
193L % 1 is not a valid Windows-based application
11L Attempting to load a program in an incorrect format
1346L The specified analog level is invalid or does not provide the required analog level
1340L Attempt to establish an inherited ACL or no inherited ACE
24L The command length specified by the program is incorrect
1365L Login segment is inconsistent with required operation status
67L Network name not found
58L The specified server cannot execute the requested command
53L Network path not found
161L The specified path name is invalid
230L Invalid pipeline status
1206L Corrupted network connection protocol
1204L The specified network provider name is invalid
60L Remote adapter is not compatible
159L Thread ID address is incorrect
1349L Incorrect symbol object type
20L The system cannot find the device specified
2202L The specified username is invalid
1348L The requested definite information class is invalid
1009L The configuration record database is corrupted
1010L Invalid configuration record key
1102L Encountered a tape head or partition
1076L The current boot has been accepted as the latest control setting
109L End of pipe
111L The file name is too long
1111L I / O bus reset
170L The requested resource is in use
142L The system cannot perform JOIN or SUBST at this time
120L The input API only works in Windows / NT mode
1003L Features that cannot be completed for some reason
173L Lock request to provide undo area is outstanding
266L can not be used
1407L Cannot find windows class
1368L Indicates that the simulation to try through named pipes has not been read yet
82L Cannot generate directories or files
1205L Cannot open network connection agreement
1351L Unconnected domain controller or object in the domain is protected and therefore cannot access necessary information
1310L Delegates cannot be prohibited
1347L Attempted to open anonymous symbol, anonymous symbol cannot be opened
1011L Configuration record key cannot be opened
1012L Configuration record key cannot be read
1013L Configuration record key cannot be written
1021L Trying to build stable child keywords under a volatile parent keyword
129L Application% 1 cannot run in Windows mode
1436L Child window cannot have menu
1059L Specify the sub-cycle service slave
1410L Class already exists
1411L Class does not exist
1412L Class is still open window
1418L Threaded open clipboard
1201L The device is not currently connected, but remember to connect
1421L No control ID found
1121L Due to timeout, a series of I / O operations completed
23L data error
16L Directory cannot be deleted
1065L The specified database does not exist
1425L Invalid HDC passed to ReleaseDC
1051L Termination control has been sent to other independent services
1435L Cannot destroy objects produced by other threads
55L The specified network resource is no longer valid
1202L Trying to remember a previously remembered device
2404L Device is in use by an activated process and cannot be disconnected
1107L When loading a tape, the partition information of the tape cannot be found
145L Directory is not empty
144L The directory is not a subdirectory of the root directory
130L Attempt to open file operation using file handle
267L Directory name is invalid
157L Segment is missing and cannot be locked
107L The program terminated because no swap disk was inserted
1393L The disk structure is damaged and cannot be read
112L Not enough space on the disk
1127L Failed to access hard disk even after retrying
1126L When accessing the hard disk, the access calibration operation fails even after retrying
1128L Hard disk access fails even if the disk controller is reset
1114L DLL initialization routine failed
1356L The specified domain already exists
1357L Trying to exceed the limit of each server domain in this release
1810L The name or security ID of the specified domain does not match the trusted information of the domain
108L The disk is in use or locked by another process
1221L Workgroup or domain name is already in use by another computer on the network
52L Duplicate name exists on the network
1078L Name is already in use as a server name or service display name
196L The operating system cannot run this application
994L Illegal access to EA
276L Corrupted EA file on mounted file system
255L EA inconsistencies
277L Running out of EA tables on the EA file of the mounted file system
275L EA does not fit in the buffer
282L Mounted file system does not support extended attributes
1100L Tape end mark appears during operation
203L The system cannot find the entered environment option
1129L Physical end of tape encountered
1501L There are no open log file events, so the event login service did not start
1503L The event log file has changed between reads
1500L One of the Eventlog login files is corrupted
1064L An unexpected error occurred while processing a control request
101L Special signals are owned by other processes
192L Operating system cannot run% 1
1208L An extension error occurred
83L INT24 failed
1063L Service process cannot connect to the service controller
1392L File or directory is damaged and cannot be read
80L File exists
1006L The file volume has changed so the open file is no longer valid
2L The system cannot find the file specified
1101L Tape access reaches file flag
206L File name or suffix is ​​too long
1125L Floppy controller returns inconsistent results
1122L ID address not found on floppy disk
1123L The floppy sector ID field does not match the floppy controller track address
1124L Floppy controller reports an error that cannot be recognized by the floppy drive
1007L The requested operation cannot be performed in full screen mode
31L The device connected to the system is abnormal
1360L Wildcard access types are included in the access mask
1429L This hook can only be set globally
1318L The specified group already exists
39L Disk is full
38L Reach the end of the file
1428L Without module handling, non-local exception handling cannot be set
1431L Hook is not installed
1409L Hotkey registered
1419L Hotkey is not registered
1441L All DeferWindowsPosHWND must have the same parent
1324L When the password is updated, the return status indicates that the new password contains a value that is not allowed
202L Operating system cannot run% 1
122L The data area passed to the system call is too small
1358L The requested operation could not be completed due to a catastrophic media error or disk data structure corruption
1383L Internal inconsistency in LSA database
1359L SAM encounters an internal database inconsistent error, which prevents further operation
1800L Invalid priority specified
1448L Scroll bar range is greater than 0x7FFF
1338L Invalid security descriptor structure
198L Operating system cannot run% 1
180L The system detected an incorrect segment number
1799L The specified delimiter file is invalid
1352L The SAM server is in the wrong state and cannot complete the desired operation
1057L Account name is invalid or does not exist
1052L Invalid control of the service request
1071L The specified service data lock is invalid
1213L The specified service name format is invalid
1215L The specified share name format is incorrect
1449L SHOWWINDOWS command is invalid
1337L SID structure is invalid
209L Published signal is incorrect
1439L Invalid argument
189L Operating system cannot run% 1
188L Operating system cannot run% 1
1335L Invalid child permission value
114L The target internal file identifier is incorrect
1444L Invalid thread ID
1784L The provided user buffer is invalid for the requested operation
118L Verify switch parameter value is incorrect after writing
1400L Invalid window handling
1329L User account restrictions, cannot log in from the source workstation
1117L The request could not be completed due to an I / O device error
996L Overlapping IO time is not signaled
997L Overlapping IO operations in progress
197L Operating system cannot currently be configured to run applications
1119L Cannot open a device that shares an IRQ with other devices, at least one other device using the IRQ is already open
147L Not enough resources available to process this command
133L The JOIN or SUBST command cannot be used because the drive already contains connections
134L Trying to use a JOIN or SUBST command on a connected drive
146L The specified path is being replaced with
149L Attempt to replace a previously replaced drive directory
135L Trying to use a JOIN or SUBST command on a replaced drive
194L Operating system cannot run% 1
138L The system tried to replace a replaced directory
140L The system tried to replace a replaced directory
1430L Daily exception handling is installed
1018L Illegal operation on a registration key with a delete mark
1020L Attempt to establish a symbolic link on a registered key that already has a subkey or value
154L The volume label entered exceeds the 11-character limit, the first 11 characters are written on the disk, and the remaining characters are automatically deleted
1322L The requested operation is banned or the latest remaining administrator account is deleted
1434L The list box does not support tabs
1416L Lister ID not found
1390L An attempt was made to change a user password, but the required LM password was not provided
1303L Connect to local RPC, require user session key
167L An attempt to lock a file failed
33L The file cannot be accessed by the process because some processes have locked some files
212L End locked so cannot be reassigned
1502L Event login file is full
1326L Trying to log in is invalid due to incorrect username or authentication information
1380L The type of login requested (e.g. network, service, etc.) is not authorized by the target system
1366L Login session ID is already in use
1363L Attempt to start a new session manager or log in to the session with the LSA already in use
1385L The type of login requested (e.g. network, service, etc.) is not authorized
1334L No more assignable LUID
164L Cannot spawn more threads in the system
1110L The media in the drive has changed
1378L The specified account name is not a member of an alias
1320L The specified user account is already in the specified group account or because there are members in the group and cannot be deleted
1377L The specified account name is not a member of an alias
1321L The specified user account is not a member of the specified group account
1374L Since the group is a basic group, members cannot be removed from the group
208L Depends on file name symbol * or? Entered incorrectly or specified global file symbol More
126L Cannot find the specified module
234L Need more data
1120L A series of I / O operations are completed by other operations written to the serial port
317L The system cannot find the message with the message number 0x% 1
131L Attempted to move the file pointer beyond the file header
215L LoadModule cannot be nested
1792L Attempt to log in, but the network login service did not start
88L Network write failed
64L The specified network name is no longer valid
65L Illegal network access
54L Network is busy
6118L The server list for this workgroup is currently unavailable
232L The pipe was closed during the process
1104L At the end of the data flag in tape access
1309L An attempt was made to manipulate a mock symbol on a thread that is not currently mocking a client
1391L ACL contains no inheritable components
1019L The system cannot allocate the space required by the log file
1807L The account used in the internal domain trust account, use a normal account or a remote user account to access the server
1809L The account used is in the server trust account, use a normal account or a remote user account to access the service
? / td>
1311L No login server is currently available to service the login request
1808L The account used is the workstation trusted account, use a normal account or a remote user account to access the service
? / td>
1112L Tape query failed because there is no media in the drive
18L No more files
259L No more data available
113L No more internal file identifiers available
1203L No network provider receives the given path
2138L No network or network does not start
89L The system cannot start another process at this time
1302L No limit specified for this account
1447L Window cannot have scroll bar
1350L Attempt to operate on an object without security
1116L An attempt to abort the shutdown failed because no shutdown was in progress
205L No process has a signal handle in the command subtree
62L Not enough space to store files waiting to print on the server
1376L The specified alias does not exist
1355L The specified domain does not exist
1319L The specified group does not exist
1312L The specified login session does not exist and may have been terminated
1387L New members that do not exist cannot be added to the alias
1364L The specified authentication package is unknown
1313L The specified privilege does not exist
1317L The specified user does not exist
1437L Window cannot have system menu
1008L Attempting to quote a symbol that does not exist
1786L Workstation not entrusted with secrets
1787L Domain controller has no account for this workstation
1113L No mapping for Unicode characters that exist in the target multibyte code page
1394L No user session key for the specified login session
125L Disk has no volume label
1417L No wildcard found
998L Invalid access to memory location
1445L DefMDIChildProc is called with a non-MDI child window
1332L Mapping information has not changed
1300L Not all permissions are granted to the caller
1442L Window is not a child window
2250L Network connection does not exist
1207L Cannot enumerate non-containers
26L The specified disk cannot be accessed
8L Not enough space to process the command
1130L Not enough space to process the command server
136L The system tried to delete a drive that is not connected
158L Segment is locked
1362L The requested action is limited only by the login process, the calling process is not registered as a login process
288L Trying to release a mutex that is not owned by the caller
21L Drive is not ready
1017L The system tried to load or restore the file to the registration, but the specified file format is incorrect
17L The system cannot move files to a different drive
137L The system tried to delete a drive without a replacement
50L Network requests are not supported
1022L The change request is being completed and the information is not returned in the caller’s buffer. The caller now needs to mock the file
1386L An attempt was made to change the user password as a security account administrator without providing the necessary NT cross-secret password
1304L WindowsNT password is too complex to be converted to a Windows network password (the password returns NULL words)
110L The system cannot open the specified device or file
2401L Have open file or request during connection
995L I / O operation aborted due to thread exit or application request
28L Printer is out of paper
84L Not enough space to process the request
14L Not enough space to process the operation
1105L The tape is not partitioned
1330L User account password has expired
1325L While updating the password, this status indicates a violation of some password update rules
148L The specified path is not available now
3L The system cannot find the path specified
231L All pipeline entities are busy
535L There is a process at the other end of the pipeline
536L Waiting for the process to open the other end of the pipe
233L No process at the other end of the pipeline
1446L Drop-down menu is activated
1131L Potential deadlock condition detected
63L Waiting for file to be deleted
1802L Printer already exists
1795L The specified print driver is installed
61L The print queue is full
1415L Use local DIALOG window words
1314L The requested authority client does not have
127L The specified process was not found
1067L Process terminated abruptly
30L The system cannot read from the specified drive
72L The specified printer or disk drive is suspended
1794L The redirector is in use and cannot be uninstalled
1015L The file structure of the registered file or the memory impression of the file is damaged or the file cannot be recovered
1016L There is an unrecoverable error in the registration initialization I / O operation, and the registration cannot complete the read and write operations.
1014L One of the files containing system registration data was successfully restored
201L Operating system cannot run% 1
51L Remote computer is unavailable
1220L An attempt was made to establish a LAN management server session, but many have been established
71L Network request is not accepted
1816L Insufficient quota to process the order
1812L The specified image file does not contain a resource section
1815L The specified resource language ID was not found in the image file
1814L The specified resource name was not found in the image file
1813L The specified resource type cannot be found in the image file
1306L Incompatible versions
207L 2 ring stacks in use
200L Code segment cannot be greater than or equal to 64KB
1370L An error occurred in the registration transaction delegation
1369L The transaction state of the registered subtree is incompatible with the requested operation
143L The system cannot replace the same drive or directory
1440L Screen locked
1382L The length of the secret exceeds the maximum allowed
27L The drive did not find the requested sector
25L The drive cannot find the specified area and track on the disk
132L File pointer cannot be set on the specified device or file
102L Signal settings cannot be turned off
187L The specified system signal name was not found
105L The signal’s previous owner relationship has ended
121L Signal overtime has arrived
106L Insert disk in drive 1
1118L The serial device is not initialized and the serial device is not installed
1341L GUID distribution server is banned at this time
1811L The server is in use and cannot be uninstalled
1342L Allow GUID to distribute servers at this time
1056L Service entity is already running
1061L The service cannot accept control messages at this time
1055L Service database lock
1075L Slave service does not exist or has been deleted
1068L Failed to start dependent services or groups
1058L The specified service is forbidden and cannot be started
1060L The service specified as installed does not exist
1073L The specified service already exists
1069L Service failed to start due to login failure
1072L The specified service has been deleted
1077L Services that have not started after boot have started
1054L Cannot spawn the service’s thread
1062L Service did not start
1053L The service did not respond to the start or control the request in a timely manner
1066L The service has returned a service-specific error code
1070L After startup, the service hangs in the startup waiting state
1219L The provided certificate conflicts with an existing certificate set
1433L LB_SETCOUNT to non-slow list box
1103L Tape access reaches set flag
36L Too many shared files open
70L Remote service is suspended or in the process of starting
32L The file cannot be accessed because it is used by another process
1115L System shutdown in progress
162L Signal is on hold
156L Accept process reject signal
1301L Some information to be mapped is not transmitted
1371L Attempt to operate on a SAM account that is not compatible with the built-in account
1372L The requested operation cannot be performed on the specified group due to its built-in special group
1373L The requested operation cannot be performed on the specified user due to its built-in special group
1001L Recursion is too deep, stack overflow
141L The system tried to SUBST a drive to a directory of a replaced drive
139L The system tried to replace a drive to a directory of a replaced drive
0L Operation completed successfully
999L Error accessing paginated files
150L System trace information is not in the specified CONFIG.SYS file or trace is not allowed
210L Signal handle is not set
1406L CreateWindows fails, creating top-level window of WS_CHILD class
1375L An attempt was made to create a symbol for basic use, but the symbol is already in use. There can only be one basic symbol at a time
56L Network BIOS command limit reached
1384L The user’s security heap too many security IDs in trying to log in
1333L The requested LUD number cannot be allocated in a single allocation
214L Too many dynamic link modules are connected to the program or dynamic modules
152L Too many signals have been set
68L Exceeded the LAN name limit
4L The system cannot open the file
298L Too many messages to signal
1381L The maximum number of secrets that can be stored in a single system exceeds
103L Signal cannot be reset
100L Cannot establish another system signal
69L Network BIOS voice channel exceeded
1389L Specifying too many SIDs
155L Cannot create another thread
1790L Network login failed
1788L Trusted relationship between primary domain and trusted domain failed
1789L Trusted relationship between workstation and primary domain failed
1108L Attempt to lock mechanism missing ejected media
1109L Failed to unmount media
59L An unexpected network error occurred
1796L The specified processor is unknown
1798L Print processor unknown
1797L Print driver is unknown
1305L The version encountered or specified is unknown to the service
1785L Disk media is unrecognizable and may be unformatted
1005L Volume does not contain identifying file system
1316L The specified user already exists
240L Conversation canceled
128L No waiting child process
1423L Window is not a command box
1420L Window is not a valid dialog
1408L Invalid window, belongs to other threads
29L The system cannot write to the specified drive
19L Media write protection
34L Bad disk in drive, insert% 2 (volume serial number% 3) into drive% 1
1323L When updating the password, this status indicates that the supplied password value is incorrect
-1L Invalid input handle
-2L Invalid input handle
-7L Input parameter is out of range
-5L LZFile file structure is out of memory
-6L Incorrect global handle
-3L Damaged compressed file structure
-4L Out of file space
-8L Unrecognized compression algorithm
0L No errors
1768L Addressing error in the server
1713L The server is already listening
1711L Object UUID is registered
1746L The connection does not contain authentication information
1726L Remote procedure call failed
1727L Remote procedure call failed and cannot be executed
1791L Remote procedure call is already in the thread
1764L The requested operation is not supported
1720L Cannot generate endpoint
1740L Duplicate endpoint
1760L Entrance already exists
1761L Entrance not found
1769L Floating point operations on the server are divided by zero
1771L Floating point overflow on server
1770L Floating point underflow on server
1898L Group members were not found
1755L Incomplete entry name
1759L Interface not found
1766L An internal error occurred in RPC
1749L Invalid security context
1702L Invalid connection handle
1734L Invalid array boundary
1706L Invalid endpoint format
1736L Invalid name syntax
1707L Invalid network address
1724L Invalid network option
1900L Object universal unique identifier is empty
1704L RPC protocol sequence is invalid
1700L Invalid string concatenation
1705L String UUID is invalid
1733L Invalid flag
1709L Invalid timeout value
1756L Invalid version option
1742L The maximum number of calls is too small
1762L The naming service is unavailable
1718L no connection
1725L No remote procedure call in this thread
1765L Allowed impersonation no security context is available
1708L No endpoint found
1735L Connection does not include entry point name
1806L Not enough connections
1757L Not enough members
1719L No protocol sequence
1714L No registered protocol sequence
1715L The server did not obey
1710L Object UUID was not found
1721L Not enough resources to complete the operation
1745L Process number is out of range
1728L RPC protocol error
1744L RPC protocol sequence not found
1703L RPC protocol sequence is not supported
1731L The server does not have enough memory to complete the operation
1723L The server is too busy to complete the operation
1722L Server is unavailable
1743L String is too long
1712L Type UUID is registered
1748L Unknown authentication level
1747L Unknown authentication service
1741L Unknown authentication type
1750L Unknown authorization service
1717L Unknown interface
1716L Unknown management type
1737L Command syntax is not supported
1730L The server does not support conversion syntax
1732L Unsupported type UUID
1739L No network address available to construct UUID
1701L Connection processed as incorrect type
1767L The server tried to divide an integer by zero.
1783L Stub received incorrect data
1782L Byte calculation is too small
1781L Enumerated value out of bounds
1772L Out of available servers for automatic connection handling
1780L Null reference pointer passed to stub
1779L Stub cannot get call handle
1773L The file specified by DCERPCCHARTRANS cannot be opened
1774L The file containing the character conversion table is less than 512KB
1777L Context handling changes in the call
1776L The context handle does not match any known
1778L Connection handles passed to remote calls do not match
1775L Empty upper and lower handles are passed as parameters