There are many people who have different skins. Some people think that the program is good, and the interface is still stable. Indeed, stability is a crucial part of the program. Nothing else can be left without this, but it is undeniable that whether it is Microsoft, Apple, or the public, the aesthetics are getting higher and higher. Software, functional stability is the same, do you like to bring skin beautiful or like the original ecology? Therefore, the beautification of the program interface is also a very important point of a product.

Doing skin is actually a huge project. From art design, to mapping, to programming, it is very troublesome. If it is not a very mature product and has a large user base, and the company has considerable strength, it will generally not Going to your own skin, after all, there are too many things involved, and if something goes wrong, it will have unpredictable consequences for the software itself.

Therefore, I chose to use the finished skin library on the existing software, in order to balance the effect and stability before use, so the skin control on the current DELPHI market is tested one by one, including stability test, memory leak The test, texture effect test, use efficiency, skin interface five major items have a horizontal comparison, in order to give some reference to friends who are preparing to use the skin.

The products selected this time are all “famous” control packages. Why do you add the word “famous”? This makes sense. The use of this skin directly affects the operation of the program. The follow-up maintenance must be guaranteed. Imagine you. With a skin control, there is no follow-up protection, no bug fixes in the BUG, ​​you have no source code, there is no way to change the skin control. Therefore, the standard of the famous DELPHI control is a control package that has a formal company or individual operation, keeps updating, and can get a response after receiving feedback.

The control package that participated in the test included: AlphaControls, BusinessSkinForm, DynamicSkinForm, VCLSkin, and AppFace. I also tested some other controls that I found on the Internet, but they are not updated for a long time and are directly eliminated.

The DEMO programs provided by these control packages in addition to AppFace are provided in the form of Delphi components except AppFace, which is provided by DLL.

The following describes in detail the problems encountered when testing these interface packages.

First, AlphaControls

The first test of 300×137 is AlphaControls, and the version is the latest 7.54 LITE EDITTION. Actually, from the interface effect, AlphaControls is undoubtedly the best and most exquisite in these interface packages, and also provides more than 60. The skin is growing and the texture is the best. The test process found a slight leak in the memory, mainly concentrated on several controls, this problem is not big. However, there are often some garbled characters behind the window title. This is very uncomfortable. I thought it was a problem with the 7.34 version. After updating to the latest 7.54 free version, I still have this problem. But these can be ignored, the most important BUG is that after the interface is minimized, recovery will often lead to crashes, pay attention to the crash, not the application is not responding, this time there is no way other than hard start. I thought it was a machine problem. I changed the machine to use the official DEMO and still found this serious problem. But the problem doesn’t happen every time, and the basic rate is 1/20. But this problem can not be said to be serious, and the concept of the crash is really speechless. Therefore, AlphaControls is also the first control package that has been eliminated and most reluctant. I hope that the new version will solve this problem in the future. (Look at the official update history, I have updated this issue, but it seems that it has not been completely revised)

Second, AppFace

The second test is AppFace (download address), which is a lightweight skin control, it is quite simple to use, load a DLL, you can say that no adjustments to the program. The interface package provided is relatively small, and the skin is not so delicate. But the memory leak control is very good. In the test process, I first used a simple small software to load the test, no problem, and then took out a program similar to Notepad that I wrote before. At this time, I found that after loading AppFace, the software started to report an error, in order to confirm whether It is a software problem. I deliberately took an open source program (editing the script) and found that the same situation happened. I have no choice but to PASS.

Third, BusinessSkinForm and DynamicSkinForm

The third test is BusinessSkinForm and DynamicSkinForm. These two control packages can be said to be twin brothers. Because they are developed by a company, DynamicSkinForm has fewer data-aware controls than BusinessSkinForm. No database program is used. There is no difference. The interface skin package is also Universal, and as many as 170. But to be honest, the exquisiteness is not high enough, but it is already very good. We have found that it also provides a number of novel interface design components that can be designed to have a very distinctive interface. In the test, the standard DEMO provided by the manufacturer is used, and the memory has no leakage. This is very valuable. After all, it is such a large control package. The texture effect is also decent, but it is still slightly inferior to AlphaControls. Although there are more than 170 kinds of interface skin packs available, the exquisiteness is limited, so you can selectively find some skins. In terms of efficiency, if the window does not use animation effects, the display speed will be faster, but the interface switching has flicker. If you use animation effects, the use efficiency is much lower, giving a feeling of carelessness. During the two days of testing, the two controls found good stability, no deadlocks, no response, and automatic exits.


Fourth, VCLSkin

The last test is the old VCLSkin (download address), this control package is very convenient to use, the skin package is also provided, the memory leak control is also good, the use efficiency is very high, although the interface is not refined, but also said past. The stability is also good. Compared to the early years of use, the stability has to be improved a lot, but there have been two abnormal error reports during the test. So it seems that there is room for improvement in stability.

After passing the test, I chose the BusinessSkinForm control package, although the efficiency is not the highest, the interface is not the most refined, but it is stable. As of the release of the article, this set of control packages is still running tests without any surprises.