Kbmmw has built-in remote desktop control function for several years, many people do not know this feature, because kbmmw does not open this feature by default.

Today, I will tell you how to open this function, and use the official example to talk about how to use it.

First of all, to open this feature, you need to add a line definition in Kbmmwconfig,inc now.


Then reinstall the kbmmw component. You can see that two controls appear.

One is the server and the other is the client.

Now, we open the official example, which is more concealed.

First open the service directory

This is very simple and compiled directly.

Installed as a service on the command line

Note: 1. The command line should be started as an administrator;

          2, -INSTALL must be capitalized, the author did not deal with capitalization;

Installation can go to the service properties to see if it is started?

Ok, the service is done.

Next open the server directory

Open the project, compile and run

Enter the password 123456, then click the green icon button

Notice the red text in the upper left corner, indicating that you have started sharing your desktop.


Now open the Client directory

Open the client program


Enter to increase the host address and password

Point connection

The remote screen is out.

Demo completed.