Windows data types  Delphi data types description
LPSTR PAnsiChar String pointer
LPCSTR PAnsiChar String pointer
DWORD LongWord Integer
BOOL LongBool Boolean
PBOOL ^ BOOL Pointer to Boolean
PByte ^ Byte Pointer to byte value
PINT ^ Integer Pointer to integer value
PSingle ^ Single Pointer to single-precision floating-point value
PWORD ^ Word Pointer to 16-bit value
PDWORD ^ DWORD Pointer to 32-bit value
LPDWORD PDWORD Pointer to 32-bit value
UCHAR Byte 8-bit value (can be used to represent characters)
PUCHAR ^ Byte Pointer to 8-bit value
SHORT Smallint Signed 16-bit integer
UINT LongWord Unsigned 32-bit integer
PUINT ^ UINT Pointer to unsigned 32-bit integer
ULONG Cardinal Unsigned 32-bit integer
PULONG ^ ULONG Pointer to unsigned 32-bit integer
PLongint ^ Longint Pointer to 32-bit value
PInteger ^ Integer Pointer to 32-bit value
PSmallInt ^ Smallint Pointer to 16-bit value
PDouble ^ Double Pointer to a double-precision floating-point value
LCID DWORD Local identifier
LANGID Word Language identifier
THandle LongWord Object handle
PHandle ^ THandle Pointer to handle
WOARAM Longint 32-bit message parameters
LPARAM Longint 32-bit message parameters
LRESULT Longint 32-bit function return value
HWND LongWord Window handle
HHOOK LongWord Windows hook handle
ATOM Word String index in a local or global atom table
HGLOBAL THandle Global dynamic memory handle
HLOCAL THandle Local dynamic memory handle (no difference from HGLOBAL under 32 bit)
FARPROC Pointer A pointer to a procedure, usually as a parameter type in functions that require callback functions
HGDIOBJ LongWord GDI object handle
HBITMAP LongWord Windows bitmap object handle
HBRUSH LongWord Windows Brush Object Handle
HDC LongWord Device context handle
HENHMETAFILE LongWord Windows Enhanced Metafile Object Handle
HFONT LongWord Windows Logical Font Object Handle
HICON LongWord Windows icon object handle
HMENU LongWord Windows menu object handle
HMETAFILE LongWord Windows metafile object handle
HINST THandle Instance object handle
HMODULE HINST Module handle
HPALETTE LongWord Windows palette object handle
HPEN LongWord Windows Paintbrush Object Handle
HRGN LongWord Windows zone object handle
HRSRC THandle Windows resource object handle
HKL LongWord Windows keyboard layout handle
HFILE LongWord Opened file handle
HCURSOR HICON Windows mouse cursor object handle
COLORREF DWORD Windows color index value handle, including three components: red, green, and blue