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Posted in tag [IIS] MVC life cycle

The application pipeline specifically addresses ” time ” when processing user requests . Understanding the lifecycle directly affects the efficiency of our pages and controls.
When an HTTP request is handed over from IIS to the runtime , at what time does MVC gain control and process the request? What is the process ?

How to deploy mORMot server on IIS

How to deploy mORMot server on IIS? use IIS as reverse proxy, passing all requests to mORMot server application.

Use http.sys to let Delphi’s multi-tier service fly

All along, delphi’s network communication layer is mainly indy, although indy has a lot of functions, involving network services.
In all respects, but for most multi-tier services, a fast, stable, and efficient transport layer is needed. Delphi can use the http.sys service very smoothly, not only webbroke, datasanp, including our commonly used kbmmw.