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DotNET Core uses RabbitMQ

DotNET Core uses RabbitMQ Demos and how to examples

ASP.NET Core3.X Terminal Middleware Conversion to Endpoint Routing

introduction A few days ago, .NET Core3.1 was released, so I upgraded a basic general system of the company, and deleted several basic modules. Of course, these basic modules are not related to .NET Core3.1, including the payment module. The upgrade is complete. Hou Jingwen (colleague) asked me that you deleted the payment? I said yes, I didn't think about how to add it (I don't think it is very good at the moment, I need to redesign it). The story starts here When thinking about payment, I think about how to introduce payment SDK directly i...

ASP.NET Core 3 File System [3] Physical File System

The most commonly used ASP.NET Core applications are specific physical files, such as configuration files, View files, and static files as Web resources. The physical file system is constructed by a PhysicalFileProvider defined in NuGet package ” Microsoft.Extensions.FileProviders.Physical “. We know that the System.IO namespace defines a complete set of APIs for manipulating physical directories and files. In fact, PhysicalFileProvider also finally calls these APIs to complete related IO operations.

DotNET Core 3.0 uses Nswag to generate Api documents and client code

In the era of front and back separation and the popularity of Restful APIs, perfect interface documents have become a link for communication. Introducing Swagger (also known as OpenAPI) in your project is a good choice to visualize interface data. Will be demonstrated below

How to generate Api documents with Nswag

How to use NSwagStudio to generate client code and test it

ASP.NET Core 3 File System [4] Embedded File System

A physical file can be embedded as a resource directly into the compiled assembly. With the help of EmbeddedFileProvider, we can use a unified programming method to read embedded resource files. This type is defined in the NuGet package "Microsoft.Extensions.FileProviders.Embedded". Before introducing EmbeddedFileProvider formally, we must know how to embed a project file as a resource into a compiled assembly. First, turn the project file into an embedded resource By default, the static files we add to a .NET Core project do not become embed...

dotNET Core’s support for Loongson and embedded development

One, attempt A few days ago, I saw " Asp.Net finally runs on Loongson servers: Jexus successfully completed the adaptation of domestic series CPUs " pushed by the public of Zhang Team . I think of the last week when I worked with my friends on Loongson.NET Core. Write about .NET Core under Loongson. Jexus Web Server can run on Loongson servers, but what about ASP.NET? What about .NET Core? What version of Mono is installed? Jexus author's article expression is a bit fuzzy ~ Last week I spent a lot of time trying to deploy .NET proje...

dotnet core server mode and workstation mode compare

  .NET Core is an open source and universal development framework with cross-platform capabilities. While enjoying its soaring performance, we also face some problems. By observing the online operation of the NetCore program, it is found that the application occupies a large amount of memory under high load conditions. This article will discuss this issue and compare and analyze the performance of .NetCore and memory management under different GC operating modes. By looking up the information, we know that the GC working mode of .Net Co...

dotNET Core cross-platform microservices learning resource complete

First, Core basics Microsoft Chinese official website: Microsoft English official website: .NET Core: GitHub: Build Modern Web Applications with ASP.NET Kernel and Azure: Blog garden translation document: MSDN:https:...

Application of ELK distributed log and NLog in dotNetCore

I. Introduction to ELK ELK is an acronym for Elasticsearch, Logstash, and Kibana. All three are open source software. The three sets of open source tools combine to form a powerful centralized log management platform. Elasticsearch is a distributed search and analysis engine with high scalability, high reliability, and easy management. Built on Apache Lucene, it can store, search, and analyze large-capacity data in near real time. With simple configuration, Elasticsearch will help you manage clusters, shards, failovers, master node electi...

ASP.NET Core 3.0 gRPC authentication and authorization

First, chat at the beginning This article is the last article of the ASP.NET Core 3.0 gRPC research study . Later, in actual use, some experience may be sent. This article focuses on ASP.NET Core's own authentication and authorization and gRPC access. The authentication method uses the current mainstream JWT combined with IdentityServer4. Second, the server configuration We first need to configure authentication and authorization on the server side. Configuration 1. Start the IdentityServer4 address first: http://localhost:5000 2. I...