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ASP.NET Core basic series(12) Interrupt request

  1 Introduction Suppose there is a time-consuming Action, and if the page is refreshed before the browser makes a request to return a response, the previous request will be terminated for the browser (client). And what about the server? Will the previous request be automatically terminated, or will it continue to run? Below we find answers through examples. 2. Example demonstration Create one SlowRequestController, then define a Getrequest and Task.Delay(10_000)simulate time-consuming behavior. code show as below: public class Slo...

ASP.NET Core basic series(11) Razor Page Library

1. Introduction Razor Page Library is a new class library project introduced by ASP.NET Core 2.1. It is one of the new features for creating a common page public class library. This means that Web pages that are common to multiple Web projects can be extracted and packaged into RPLs for code reuse. The official document Create reusable UI using the Razor Class Library project in ASP.NET Core , only a brief introduction to how to create RPL, but to develop a stand-alone RPL is far from simple, let me know. 2. Hello RPL Old rules, starti...

ASP.NET Core basic series(10) .NET Core source navigation (linked by assembly)

System.*.dll/dotnetfx mscorlib.dll/dotnetclr Microsoft.AspNetCore.dll Microsoft.EntityFrameworkCore.*.dll Microsoft.AspNetCore.MVC.*.dll Microsoft.Extensions.DependencyInjection.dll Microsoft.AspNetCore.Hosting.*.dll Microsoft .AspNetCore.Http.*.dll Microsoft.AspNetCore.SignalR.*.dll Microsoft.AspNetCore.Routing.*.dll Microsoft.AspNetCore.Authentication.*.dll Microsoft.AspNetCore.Proxy.dll Microsoft.Extensions.Options.dll Microsoft .AspNetCore.WebSockets....

ASP.NET Core basic series(1) Start with the official template

1. List of template projects If you create an ASP.NET Core Web Application, there are currently 7 template projects available for us to choose from. From this we can see that there are both familiar MVC, WebAPI, and new Razor Page, as well as a template project that combines the popular Angular and React front-end frameworks. Based on the given template, we can choose the appropriate template to build the project framework according to our own needs. At the same time, we can also implement a development strategy of front-end separation based o...

ASP.NET Core basic series(0) general introduction and catalogue

1 Introduction Now ASP.NET Core 2.0 has been released for a while, and is also ready to invest in the embrace of ASP.NET Core. This series is based on ASP.NET Core 2.0 and will cover the basic knowledge and application of ASP.NET Core. It will also involve research and learning of related source code. 2. Introduction ASP.NET Core is an open source ( GitHub) and cross-platform ( developable and runable on Windows, Mac and Linux) framework for building cloud-based Internet applications such as web applications, IoT applications and mobile r...

Dotnet core rpc component performance test

Dotnet core rpc component performance test

10 examples of IEnumerable of dotnet core

10 examples of IEnumerable of dotnet core show how to use IEnumerable in C# dotnet core

Deploying ASP.NET Core + MySQL + Nginx using Docker

How to deploy ASP.NET Core + MySQL + Nginx using Docker

.NET Core deployment under Linux tutorial

This article mainly wants to try to deploy ASP.NET Core to Linux Server.

How to use the Windows service to deploy ASP.NET Core program

use NewLife.Agent to demonstrate how to elegantly deploy ASP.NET Core programs