When talking about a website template, you can’t bypass TemplateMoster because it is the dad of all template websites. It is no exaggeration to say that TM is the largest website template mall in the United States and the world. Every theme, from LOGO, VI, icons, fonts, etc., is top notch. In fact, the WP template is only part of it. But this part is already the essence. If you must find out the shortcomings, it should be that the price is slightly expensive. But for a penny, a share of goods, what do you think?

website is :  www.templatemonster.com


Although the vegetation on the planet is decreasing, the area of ​​the forest is still wide. So, it goes without saying that in the theme forest, there are a large number of WP templates for you to choose, take a little time, always find the tree you like. In fact, about ThemeForest, I want to talk about not only its WP template, but also its mode of operation. ThemeForest has a very large and powerful team operation, and even more surprising is that most of them are freelancers, envious.

website is : www.themeforest.net


It’s time to change the style of painting, Mojo, giving people a very kawaii feeling. So, what is the theme of their home? I can only say that the grounding gas is real! The starting price of $20, the most expensive theme is no more than $59. So the space chosen is very large.

website is : www.themeforest.net


Lightweight WP theme store, all themes look simple, responsive, perfect after-sales service, can be customized, the theme has more than 50W+ downloads, and almost all 5 stars. It is said that the founder of GeneratePress has been making websites since the age of 11, really big!

website is :  www.generatepress.com


Of course, I don’t know what Cssigniter stands for. Maybe developers are better at Css. The rules for the Cssigniter theme store are simple: a theme of $49, $69 can use all themes on the site. I looked at it and it has about 100 themes.

website is :  www..cssigniter.com


Literally speaking, Athemes does not intend to win by quantity, so athemes produced must be a boutique. More importantly, athemes has a lot of free themes, and these themes are great!

website is :  www.athemes.com


In the overall design, the feeling is simple and elegant. HTML / CSS code is also written more rigorously, so as to ensure the opening and response speed of the website. More like, according to Xiaobian, Themefurnace’s current theme is all free, and can be packaged and downloaded at one time, this welfare can not imagine! (I don’t know if it is time-limited or not)

website is :  www.themefurnace.com


From the Logo and the domain name suffix .ME, we can probably predict: This is definitely a relatively trendy WP theme mall, congratulations, guess it! Themify’s rules are simple, with all themes for $79.

website is :  www.themify.me


Obviously, as you can see from the name, this is a professional theme shopping mall. There are currently about 120+ WP templates, and the price is $47. However, in this mall, a small part is completely free!

website is :  www.mythemeshop.com


The reason why Dessign is placed at the finale is because I personally like their template style very much. Extremely simple, it can be said that monochrome is called to another realm, which makes their theme look stylish and design. I can’t help but buy a lot of themes of Dessign. If you need it, you can ask for it.

website is :  www.dessign.net