UWS About

Ultra Web Server is the Free “WAMP” Server for Windows OS.

Provides a complete Apache, PHP, MySQL and MariaDB, Development and Web Development environment for Windows.
It’s totally portable NO installation required, just unzip and run.
It’s totally Modular with Elements like:

  • Apache
  • PHP
  • MySQL
  • MariaDB
  • PERL
  • PEAR
  • phpMyAdmin
  • Adminer
  • FileZilla Server
  • and more…

You can switch between any PHP versions and you can switch between any MySQL or MariaDB databases.

Ultra Web Server is completely free of cost for you to use, develop, enjoy and share.
Ultra Web Server team believe we should use and distribute the software and it’s content, and Ultra Web Server team promote to accomplish our mission of advancing free software.
Ultra Web Server team provide free alternatives to proprietary code and content to make Ultra Web Server completely free and redistributable for everyone.
This way, anyone can use our work for their own purposes, without legal hassles, to further spread free software.

Ultra Web Server has been designed to be simple to operate yet powerful enough to fulfill all your professional and industrial needs.

We’ve added many new features to Ultra Web Server over the course of its development.
Our focus is on delivering power and usability at the same time and making your use enjoyable without overloading your senses.

We intend to continue improving and stabilizing Ultra Web Server to give you the best using experience possible.
We hope you will have a good time using Ultra Web Server.

If not, please help us make it better by reporting bugs and suggestions to our Forums

For help you can start from here

Ultra Web Server is licensed as: Freeware