Apache+Mysql/MariaDB+Perl/PHP/Python under Windows, a set of open source software commonly used to build dynamic websites or servers , each of which is a separate program, but because it is often used together, it has become more and more High compatibility together form a powerful web application platform. With the booming open source trend, the open source LAMP has formed a three-pronged relationship with J2EE and .Net commercial software , and the software development project has a low investment cost in software, so it is concerned by the entire IT community. LAMP is an open source web development platform based on Linux, Apache, MySQL/MariaDB and PHP. PHP is a programming language that can sometimes be replaced with Perl or Python. The term comes from Europe, where these programs are often used as a standard development environment. The name comes from the first letter of each program. Each program conforms to open source standards in ownership: Linux is an open system; Apache is the most common web server ; mySQL is a relational database with network-based management add-ons; PHP is a popular object scripting language that includes The excellent features of most other languages ​​make its web development more efficient. Developers using the tools in these Linux environments under the Windows operating system are called WAMP.


Wamp configuration and use
There are currently a lot of AMP (Apache\MySQL\PHP) integration software that allows us to install and set it up at once. This is a great benefit for users who are not familiar with AMP.
First, the advantages of using AMP integration software:
1, can avoid the lack of AMP knowledge, and can not set the environment correctly;
2, can quickly install and set up the AMP environment, let us directly start the software of real interest, such as xoops;
3, can easily set up the test environment , for the test “is AMP environment problem, or the problem caused by XOOPS” is very helpful, the exclusion method can be used.
Second, the main WAMP integration environment mainly includes:
1, WampServer Wamp is the Windows Apache Mysql PHP integrated installation environment, namely the apache, php and mysql server software under the window . PHP extension, Apache module, open / close the mouse to get it, no longer have to modify the configuration file in person, WAMP will do it. No longer need to ask php installation problems everywhere, WAMP everything is done, this software is used more on the win platform.
XAMPP is a full-featured integrated environment with Chinese instructions. XAMPP is not just for Windows, but an easy-to-install Apache distribution for Linux, Windows, Mac OS X and Solaris. The package includes Apache server, MySQL, SQLite, PHP, Perl, FileZilla FTP Server, Tomcat, and more. The default installation has all the features open, security issues, and additional security settings.
3, AppServ
Integrated Apache, PHP, MySQL, phpMyAdmin, relatively lightweight, the version has not been updated for a long time.
In general, the above WAMP environments can basically meet the needs of beginners to configure the WAMP environment. The various components like XAMPP and AppServ are quite comprehensive, but they also feel that the file composition is more complicated, and beginners can’t understand it at once. Because Digast Wamp Server is a newly configured integrated environment, the program file configuration is more rigorous, the environment program size is also moderate, and any directory can be customized, the system will automatically configure the parameters, especially suitable for beginners.
4, phpStudy
phpStudy supports 22 combinations of freely switchable. The package integrates the latest

phpStudy interface (2 photos)

Apache+Nginx+LightTPD+PHP+MySQL+phpMyAdmin+Zend Optimizer+Zend Loader, one-time installation, no need to configure, it is a very convenient and easy to use PHP debugging environment. The program is small and compact, only 35M, with a dedicated control panel. In short, learning PHP requires only one package.

For newcomers to learn PHP, environment configuration under WINDOWS is a very difficult thing; it is also a cumbersome thing for the veteran. So whether you are a novice or a veteran, this package is a good choice.
1, fully suitable for Win2000/XP/2003/win7/win8/win2008 operating system, support Apache, IIS, Nginx and LightTPD.
2. The package integrates the following software, all of which are the latest versions.
PHP 5.2.17 The new CGI programming language is easy to learn, easy to use, fast, and cross-platform.
PHP 5.3.28 The new CGI programming language is easy to learn, easy to use, fast, and cross-platform.
PHP 5.4.23 The new CGI programming language is easy to learn, easy to use, fast, and cross-platform.
PHP 5.5.7 The new CGI programming language is easy to learn, easy to use, fast, and cross-platform.
Apache 2.4.7 The most popular HTTP server software, fast, reliable, open source.
Nginx 1.5.8
LightTPD 1.4.32
MySQL 5.5.35 performs well, runs fast, is easy to use, and is a great database.
MySQL-Front 5.3
phpMyAdmin 4.1.0 Open source, web-based and compact MySQL hypervisor.
OpenSSL 1.0.1e cryptographic algorithm library, SSL protocol library and application.
Zend Loader 5.5.0 free PHP optimization engine
Zend Loader 6.0.0

Integrated environment

Common WAMP integration environment

WAMP refers to the integrated installation environment using Apache, MySQL and PHP on Windows servers. It can quickly install and configure the web server . Generally speaking, everyone is accustomed to Apache, MySQL and PHP under Linux system, but it is undeniable. Windows also has its advantages, that is, easy to use, friendly interface, rich software, very convenient to operate, so for the novice to use Apache, MySQL, PHP on the Windows platform is also a good choice. Below I will introduce several WAMP integration environments that can be used under Windows.

WampServer-WampServe integrates Apache, MySQL, PHP, phpmyadmin, Apache mod_rewrite, PHP extension, Apache module only needs to be done on the menu “on/off”, eliminating the need to modify the configuration file.

In general, LAMP (Linux + Apache + MySQL + PHP) is better than WAMP (Windows + Apache + MySQL + PHP) in terms of security and performance, but because of its easy-to-use features, WAMP has not tasted it. Not a good choice for beginners.

WCPSOFTAMP- This product is based on the open source programs APACHE2.2.21, PHP5.2.17, PHP5.3.5, MYSQL5.0.67 and PHPmyadmin3.4.10.1. Independently developed the integrated control program WCPSOFTAMP, its features: convenient, practical, free installation, free to use. It saves the time for novices to learn the PHP configuration environment. At the same time, developers can quickly switch between different versions during the development process to make the program more general and stable.